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6N80 rice mill machine The noise is very small

//6N80 rice mill machine The noise is very small

The reason of rice mill noise

(1) there are many asymmetric parts in the main shaft of rice milling machine. In order to facilitate the flow of rice grains during rice milling, there are many curved grooves on the roller, and its center of mass often deviates from the axis. It vibrates violently at work. Even if the dynamic balance is processed before installation, it can only improve but not eliminate the vibration at work.

(2) the white working principle of rice milling machine determines that there exists violent friction between the rolling roller, spiral conveyor and rice grains when the rice milling machine works. As the rice milling machine works for a long time, the wear on the roller and the spiral conveyer becomes worse, which causes the structural parameters of the main shaft of the rice milling machine to change, which reduces the dynamic balance treatment effect before installation and aggravates the vibration at work.

(3) it can be seen from the structure of the rice milling machine that the bearing works for a long time, and the clearance caused by wear will reduce the preloading force and rotary accuracy of the radial bearing.

This makes the vibration of rice milling captain intensified after working for a long time.

(4) rice milling machine adopts two bearings to support the main shaft. A belt of wheel is installed at the end of the main shaft. The acting force of the wheel will cause bending deformation of the shaft.

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