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An Old Man’s Hand Got Stuck In A Flour Milling Machine

//An Old Man’s Hand Got Stuck In A Flour Milling Machine

Yesterday, an old man’s hand got stuck in a maize flour milling machine accidentally.

When firefighters arrived, the old man was sweating and his right hand was mangled in the maize flour milling machine’s export rollers.

The firefighters cut the machine with a small cutter at first. And then they used tools such as crowbars to turn the roller.

Thirty minutes later, the old man’s right hand was successfully unstuck, and the paramedics immediately sent the old man to the hospital.

It is said that the flour milling machine was working at the time of the accident. The old man saw a little maize flour on the shelf and wanted to pull the cornmeal out for a little more money.

He turned off the machine and immediately put his hand into it, and the right hand got stuck.

“The machine is still running when it’s just shut down. It’s not possible to stop immediately when the power is off.

If the old man is to pull back after the machine is off for a while, maybe the hand won’t get stuck.” One of the onlookers said.

Please don’t put your hand in when using the machine, it is very dangerous!

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