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Corn is the world recognized as the “golden crop”

//Corn is the world recognized as the “golden crop”

Corn is the world recognized as the “golden crop”, whose fat, phosphorus and vitamin B2 are on the top among the grains.

Corn flour contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, which can reduce cholesterol levels in the human body to reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Corn flour contains calcium, iron, which can prevent from hypertension, coronary heart disease.

Modern medical research showed that corn flour is rich in glutathione, which is a kind of protective factors in the human body internal that can combine with a variety of foreign chemical carcinogens to lose its toxicity.

The coarse grinding of corn flour contains a lot of lysine, which inhibits tumor growth. Corn also contains trace element selenium.

Selenium can accelerate the body oxide decomposition and inhibit malignant tumor. So we should eat corn flour.

We can buy corn flour from the super market, but for a family, we only need one machine 9Fc21. This machine is a corn grinder.

It can process corn, rice, wheat, beans and other grains into small powder.

This machine is the small farmer’s best choice.

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