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History of rice thresher machine

//History of rice thresher machine

After the paddy is cut, it is still waiting for “granule”, which is the process of removing the grain and removing the stalks.

The old way of doing this was to continuously beat the paddy with a device called the Lianjia, which separated the grain from the shell.

Then the “hold high” valley, which must be thrown out of the air to let the wind blow away the light, unwanted parts of the millet and the “chaff”, leaving behind the grain.

It was hard and exhausting work and takes a long time.

It takes about five days for the 4000 square meter wheat to take out the grain.

Scottish inventor James meckel and his son Andrew have changed that.

After a long struggle, James finally developed a rice thresher machine in the late 18th century, which contained a wooden frame that rotated around the drum.

The wooden frame is fitted with a narrow strap, and when it turns, a stream of air is formed to blow away the husks of the wheat.

Andrew also gave the machine a flapping device that released the shell.

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