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Home use oil press for small scale business

//Home use oil press for small scale business

Model 501 oil press is multifunctional oil press. It can make different oil seed, such as peanuts, Coconut,sesame, soybean,macadamia nuts, walnuts,sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds,

Flax seed and So on. Its motor is 0.35kw cooper motor, which can continuously work for more than 5 hours.

We suggest it works for 5 hours and take a rest for about 1 hour.That will be good for the

machine.The oil extracting rate is up to 45%, which depends on the oil rate of oil seeds.
It is easy to operate , clean and move.
Working capacity (Just for reference):

Oil Seed Efficiency oil yield
Peanut 4kg/h 1.8kg/h
Sesame 6kg/h 3kg/h
Sunflower 4kg/h 1.8kg/h
Linen Aberdeen 5kg/h 1.6kg/h
Walnut 4.5kg/h 2.1kg/h




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