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How to reduce animal feed costs?

//How to reduce animal feed costs?

How to reduce animal feed costs? Honest will tell you the secret.

You need a Pellet machine. It belongs to animal feed processing equipment, which can directly extrude corn, soybean meal, rice husk, straw and grass into small pellets.

How to reduce animal feed costs and meet the nutrition needs of all kinds of livestock and poultry becomes the chief problem of feed industry.

Straw biochemical technology means through crushing, fermenting and pelletizing, soften the lignin inside and turn straws or stalks into high quality fodder pellets which are easy to digest and have high nutrient value.

Fermentation can make the fodder soft, sweet and increase the content of sugar, fat, crude protein, amino acid, arginine, cysteine and histidine, produce B, D, E and other vitamins and growth factors.

Then, by mixed with other materials and pelletized, you can get premium animal feed pellets.

By this way, you can reduce crops dosage, save feed costs and increase incomes.

Honest 150 Pellet Machine is your best choice.

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