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New and Old Rice Thresher

//New and Old Rice Thresher

Recently, I walked around rural area of the town, and accidently found that at the early rice harvesting, while the modern agricultural use appliance is popular, you can still find the figure of some ancient agricultural implements.

In the village, I saw that villagers are harvesting rice with a farm tool called a threshing barrel.

According to villagers, threshing barrel was the main threshing tool before the pedal-type threshing machine, and now at some remote mountain areas it is still in use.

Its working principle is very simple, that is human hands clenched mature rice valley bottom hard break barrel wall, and after the threshing rice falls in a barrel.

Its advantages are simple, easy to move and suitable for small terraced fields.

But now the use of a wider range of threshing tools is a pedal-powered rice thresher, and has been improved by technology, which can use small internal combustion engines as a driving force, greatly reducing the farmers’ physical expenditure.

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