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Chaff Cutter 690

//Chaff Cutter 690
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Project Description

Model No 690
Machine weight 95kg
Dimension 930*480*1400mm
Spindle Speed 3500r/min
Productivity 800-1200kg/h
Application Straw, grain
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

Gasoline Engine(5hp)

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rice thresher

Small electric power driven chaff cutter machine

A chaff cutter is a machine to cut straw or hay into small pieces. Then farmers can mix them with other forges and feed.

It plays a important role of cattle, livestock feeding.

690 model is not only a chaff cutter machine but also a crops grinder for animal. Farmers use it to cut stalk of corn, rice ,wheat, sugarcane, grass ,corn cobs etc. Besides , it can also grind  crops like corn, soybean, wheat …

There are 3 big blade inside to cut big stalk ,then 40 steel teeth and 36 steel hammer will turn them to small pieces. And screen inside will adjust the size of chaff, you can get small pieces chaff when using small hole screen.

690 chaff cutter have  2 feeder and 2 discharge port for different raw material. Big feed is suitable for putting big raw material in , corn cobs for example.

We installed wheel on machine make it convenient to move.

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