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Chaff Cutter 9ZT-0.6

//Chaff Cutter 9ZT-0.6
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Project Description

Model No 9ZT-0.6
Machine weight 58kg
Dimension 455*1100*825mm
Spindle Speed 800r/min
Productivity 600kg/h
Application Straw
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

Gasoline Engine(5hp)

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rice thresher

cattle cow feed cutting machine

9zt-0.6 chaff cutter is a portable home use straw chopping machine.  It is applied to cutting wet and dry corn stalk, rice straw, wheat straw, bean stalk, grasses etc. Comparing bigger chaff cutter (9zt-1.2 ,for example) it have a better performance on raw material with high ductility like rice straw.

You can adjust the length of the chaff , by turn the handle to short or long gear position.

We provide electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine type model for choosing.

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