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Home Use Rice Mill 6N40x

//Home Use Rice Mill 6N40x
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Project Description

Model No 6N40X
Machine weight 36kg
Dimension 670*395*1140mm
Spindle Speed 1400-1600r/min
Productivity 100-160kg/h
Application Paddy
Engine Electric Motor(2.2kw,220/380v)

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rice thresher

Small home use rice milling machine

6N40X small rice mill is a no-blade type home use rice processing machine. It can remove the shell of rice and separate broken rice from whole one. It’s low rice broken rate. Besides we also make special type model to mill millet.

This type home rice polisher is widely use as a necessary agricultural equipment in small farm from south-eastern Asia and Africa (Thailand, India, Nigeria…). It works perfectly in family use electricity system (220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz).

The structure of 6N40X is simple and stable that it is easy to operate and install (install video) . Farmers can operate it easily after watching the working video.

We also provide diesel engine solution and gasoline solution for rural area which with bad electricity system or no electric power.

6N40X-A  is a portable rice mill improved  from 6N40X.

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