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Project Description

Machine weight 4200kg
Dimension 13*3*4m
Productivity 25TPD
Application Paddy
Engine total 71kw motor


The raw grain is transported into the pit by a single hoist to the cylinder primary cleaning screen. The diameter of the screen hole is 10 mm. The sundries in the raw grain larger than 10mm, such as boulders, long weeds, branches and leaves, are automatically discharged from the miscellaneous exit and are collected and treated by miscellaneous bags.
After the initial cleaning, the raw grain enters the specific gravity destoner and the principle of wind and gravity is used to make the clean rice float on the special fish scale sieve plate, and guide it down the wind and angle to the exit of the product.
At the same time, pebbles and other sundries are discharged from the outlet, and the stone removal rate is as high as 99.9%. Dust, sand and light miscellaneous are uniformly collected outside the fan or crushed synchronously into the crushing system, and there is no pollution to the environment.
After cleaning and removing the stone, the rice enters the double hoist, which is raised from the right side to the huller for shelling, and the shelling rate should reach more than 95%. The material under the rice should be separated by wind force and specific angle.
The rice husk is separated to the husk room or into the crusher to crush the rice husk into rice chaff synchronously by the large furrow fan with strong suction.
After shelling, the brown rice and a small amount of rice are raised from the left side of the double hoist to the rough gravity screen. By using the action of gravity, angle and friction coefficient, the brown rice and the rice are effectively separated, thus forming the net rough rice in the middle and upper part.
Enter the rice milling machine to be further processed, 2/3 below the middle part of the raw grain, into the screen channel, the bottom is mostly rice, into the rice hulling channel, in order to cycle back and forth to achieve the effect of full shelling.
After the net rough rice enters the rice milling room, the cutting spiral friction is carried out by a special Emery roller and a cylindrical rice screen, so that the brown rice can be opened quickly, and the rice husk is sucked out from the screen hole by the fan and discharged to the oil bran settler to collect. Or mix it into the husk and crush it into rice bran.
Brown rice is processed from rice milling machine to become white rice, and the rice outlet is equipped with a broken rice separation screen, which can separate the broken rice from the whole rice, thus reducing the crushing content of the finished rice. The screen is usually equipped with 10 to 12 mesh, depending on the variety of rice.

The installation sequence of this production line is from right to left,
They are: combination rice machine, secondary rice machine and hoist, rice machine polishing machine and hoist, white rice grading screen and hoist, computer color sorter and hoist, secondary white rice screen and hoist, computer packing machine (vacuum packing machine),
And the connection between the dust collection network and the cable cabinet.
Finally, the empty machine test runs for about 5 to 10 minutes to check whether the operation of each part is normal, and if there is a different response, stop in time to check the troubleshooting points and then test the machine, and only after all are normal can they be fed and run with load.
After the normal work of each part and the finished rice meet the standard, it will be delivered and used only after the normal work of each part and the standard of finished rice.

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