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Mini Rice Plant N110 Series

//Mini Rice Plant N110 Series
Mini Rice Plant N110 Series2019-11-15T06:36:19+00:00

Project Description

Model No N80
Machine weight 140kg
Dimension 1140*460*780mm
Productivity 600-800/h
Application Paddy
Engine Electric Motor(7.5-11kw,380v),

Diesel Engine(15hp)

Model No N110
Machine weight 190kg
Dimension 1740*520*1140mm
Productivity 1200-1500/h
Application Paddy
Engine Electric Motor(11-15kw,380v),

Diesel Engine(21hp)

Model No N150
Machine weight 220kg
Dimension 1740*580*1260mm
Productivity 1500-1800/h
Application Paddy
Engine Electric Motor(18.5-22kw,380v),

Diesel Engine(28hp)

Model No N200
Machine weight 380kg
Dimension 1940*610*1320mm
Productivity 2200-2500/h
Application Paddy
Engine Electric Motor(22kw,380v),

Diesel Engine(30hp)

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rice thresher

N110 series Small rice milling plant for business

1.Details of N110 series rice milling machine

This series rice sheller have same structure, we will introduce N110 type as a example.

N110 rice mill is single steel roll rice sheller which can process over 1 ton white rice per hour.

It have a much bigger capacity compare family use rice mill , so it is suitable for commercial use. And it is much economic and simple compare a modern processing line.

N110 always use as a matching equipment of rubber roll rice hulling machine. Besides, it can use as a single rice mill as well.

This model can processing white rice directly. Rice husk of paddy will be crushed by this mill.

2.Advantages of N110 series rice milling machine:

  1. High capacity. (>1 t/h)
  2. Low noise.
  3. Low power consumption, process white rice for 1 time.
  4. Reliable structure, easy to operate and maintain for fresh man.
  5. Strong applicability, it suitable for rice from many area.
  6. Multi power optional, suitable for electric motor, gasoline, diesel engine.
  7. High shell rate, white rice after milling have a good quality.

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