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Oil Press J10

//Oil Press J10
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Project Description

Model No J10
Machine weight 53kg
Dimension 640*290*710mm
Productivity 15-20kg/h
Application Sesame, Peanut, Rapeseed, Sunflower seed, Walnut, Flaxseed etc.
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

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rice thresher

Home use automatic nut oil press machine

J10 model is a stainless steel home use oil pressing machine. It is popular by family who want processing healthy oil by themselves.  All parts of this model is made by food standard stainless steel. It’s non-corrosive and friction-resistance.  J10 is easy-operated, putting raw material in  , then you just need add 12-20% water into raw material for a best oil pressing performance. Oil residuals after oil pressing is eatable, you can use residuals making food, snacks. J10 is suitable for crops such as: corn, peanut, sesame, camellia seed, rapeseed, walnut, sunflower seed, flaxseed etc.

We also provide commercial use oil pressing machine.

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