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Solar Energy Lamp

//Solar Energy Lamp
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Project Description

Power 20W 40W 60W 100W 200W
LED Qty 30 45 54 96 196
Lamp body size (mm) 180*140*75 180*140*75 225*185*85 280*230*100 280*230*100
Solar panel size (mm) 350*235*17 350*235*17 370*305*17 420*370*17 350*530*17
Battery capacity 3.2V/6000mAH 3.2V/7000mAH 3.2V/10000mAH 3.2V/13000mAH 3.2V/20000mAH
Area of illumination 20-40 ㎡ 40-60 ㎡ 60-80 ㎡ 80-100 ㎡ 100-150 ㎡
Lighting time 12H 12H 12H 12H 12H
Solar panel power 6V/10W 6V/10W 6V/15W 6V/18W 6V/30W
weight 2.3KG 2.5KG 3.6KG 4.5KG 4.8KG

Solar energy lamp

High strength Die cast Aluminum Lamp Body

Integrated lamp body, scientific air convection design, fast heat.

Tempered glass: Strong impact resistance and high transmittance.

Angle of bracket can be adjusted: Free adjustment of angle to meet various lighting requirements.

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels: High light conversion, sensitive induction, energy saving and environmental protection, durable.

Insulated waterproof socket: Coarsening conductor of industrial grade ensures safety.

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