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The advantage of puffing feed—dog feed

//The advantage of puffing feed—dog feed

After puffing treatment, feed raw materials increased scent and palatability, which can stimulate animal appetite.

At the same time, protein, fat and other organic substances go into short-chain structure of the long-chain structure to increase the degree of easily digested and absorbed, and it also increased the nutritional value of pet foods.

Using puffed feed pellet machine to make dog food, can improve the shelf life of dog food and is conducive to storage, which has low moisture content.

This pellet machine can also kill all kinds of mold, salmonella and other harmful substances and improve the safety and health of pet food.

Honest Pellet-Fodder Expander, S-PH88 is the pellet machine that can make dog feed. Our customers who bought our machine all said our machines good quality and sold well in their country. And they ask for more machines.

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