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The rice miller series

//The rice miller series

The rice miller machine we supply has mainly three series, separated rice mill, combined rice huller and jet milling machine.

Different types can meet different clients’ requirements.

6N80, 6N80A and 6N40X rice mill are Jet milling machines.

The capacity is from 100 to 220kg/h. The operation is also very easy.

It is suitable for farmer use. This model rice miller can process medium size paddy.

And the rice sieve can be customized for different size paddy.

N110 rice mill is our new series. Its advantages are small shape but with high productivity, process both brown rice and white rice. From N110-N150, it is respectively suitable for farmer, small and big food process factory.

The main specification of N series rice mill and 95A rice miller is their productivity can be customized according to client’s requirement.

These two models are popular in African country.

There are just simple introduce about each type miller, more information you need, you can leave your message.

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