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Types And Advantages Of Chaff cutter

//Types And Advantages Of Chaff cutter

Chaff cutter is mainly be used to forage chopped processing.

Sometimes, it also be used to cut short silage.

According to different usages, there are kinds of chaff cutters.

Following is about the advantages of chaff cutter types and details.

1.Types of chaff cutter

①It is divided into large, medium and small size models according to the size of the machine.

②According to the form of cutter, there are two types, roller type and disc type.

And the size of the drum is large.

The large and medium-sized ones are usually disc type for the convenience of the delivery of silage.

③The method is divided into artificial feeding, semi-automatic feeding and automatic feeding.

④The cutting section is divided into three kinds: self-fall, air delivery and throw.

2.Advangtages of chaff cutter

①The length of the cut section can be adjusted (3 ~ 100 mm).

②It has good working performance, which can cut various kinds of crop straws, herbage and so on.

③The coarse straw can be crushed and the stubble is not stubble.

④The height is not less than 10 meters for the silo and can be adjusted arbitrarily.

⑤The structure is simple and it’s easy to be adjusted and sharped.

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