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We have four models of pellet machine

//We have four models of pellet machine

We have four models of pellet machine 120,150,200 and 250.

This machine can be used for animals feeds, such as chicken feeds, duck feeds, pig feeds and so on. Our machine has bellow features:

1)Simple structure, wide adaptability, small occupation area and low noise;

2)Powder feed, grass powder does not need or just need a little liquid can be added to granulation, process granulation will be lose part of the water, so the moisture content of pellet feed is lower than the moisture content before granulation, then it will be more conducive to storage;

3)The process of particle formation can make the trypsin inhibitor in cereals and legumes be denatured by heat and reduce the adverse effects on digestion.

It can kill various parasites, eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce all kinds of worms and digestive system diseases.

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