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Why the productivity of mini rice mill is about 200kg?

//Why the productivity of mini rice mill is about 200kg?

During the selling communication with customers.

They always ask that do you have a bigger capacity small rice milling machine.

The answer is unfortunately no.

Why do not Honest manufacture a higher productivity mini rice mill for the market?!

Even Honest don’t do that, why there is not another factory who can supply a bigger rice mill?!

Answer is electricity.

All the mini rice mill is made for home use.

And almost every family use national 220V, 50Hz electricity.

That electricity is just suitable for 2.2kw single phase motor, and 2.2kw motor can only drives those machines which productivity is about 200kg per hour.

If you need a bigger capacity of rice mill, we do suggest that you make sure you have three phase electricity then buy a big machine.

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