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Coffee Peeler

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Project Description

Model No BP-150
Machine weight 60kg
Dimension 350*450*900mm
Spindle speed 1500r/min
Productivity 800kg/h
Peeling rate 98%-99%
Broken rate <1-2%
Application Coffee shelling
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

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small coffee processing equipment bean sheller hulling machine

BP-150 is a fresh Coffee  bean peeling machine, also called coffee sheller machine.

It is mainly used to hull the fresh coffee which are just picked from the tree.

Unique structure of it mostly avoiding the damage to pulp.

Put the fresh coffee fruit into the machine, the feeding roller carry the fruit into the working room, the skin are peeled cleanly by the fish scale sieve . (a uneven steel sieve)

The coffee kernel and coffee hull will be separated at the discharge port.

BP-150 has the advantages of high efficiency, high hulling rate (99%), low damage rate (1%) and easy to operate and maintain.

coffee hulling machine is necessary equipment for coffee planting area.

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