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Rice Harvester

//Rice Harvester
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Project Description

Model No SXY-P-15
Machine weight 370kg
Dimension 1800*900*800mm
Productivity 0.13-0.23ha/h
Application Paddy, wheat
Engine  Diesel Engine(R1775, 6hp)

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rice thresher

Mini combine rice harvester/paddy harvesting machine

SXY-P-15 is multi-functional harvester. It is a self-propelled harvester by walking. It can harvest not only rice but also corn, sorghum, pepper, wheat, alfalfa, soybean and other crops.This machine is easy to operate, convenient and labor-saving. SXY-P-15 has strong working performance and it is easy to maintain. This harvester can also be used in conjunction with a baling machine, which is more practical for harvesting crops. What’s better about this machine is that it can spread the harvest crops to one side, which is more conducive to the drying of crops.

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