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Destoner MCO 450

//Destoner MCO 450
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Project Description

Model No MCO 450
Machine weight 250kg
Dimension 1150*800*2000mm
Productivity 1.5-1.8T/H
Application Paddy
Engine 380V 2.5kw 50hz motor

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Destoner MCO 450

●Working Principle
When the machine is working, the raw grain enters through the entrance of the cylindrical screen. Because the cylinder runs at low speed and matches the corresponding circular hole screen, the raw grain enters into the grid screen from the sieve hole to remove the round sundry things twice. After that, the raw grain enters the third layer of the circular hole screen to separate the grains of sand. Finally, the raw grain enters the fish scale screen, goes to the destoner sorting room. The sundries larger than rice are discharged automatically by the out let. Under the action of vibration of specific frequency and mixed airflow, the rice grains with lower specific density are suspended in the upper layer, while the stones with higher specific density sink into the bottom layer and contact with the fish scale screen sur face, forming separation and discharging automatically from the stone discharge port.

●Functional Feature The machine has large output, high stone removal rate, low energy consumption, small noise
and stable operation. Its unique steel cantilever rep laces the traditional rubber sleeve, with small wear and reliable quality.

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