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Corn Sheller 5TY-30

//Corn Sheller 5TY-30
Corn Sheller 5TY-302019-01-23T03:26:11+00:00

Project Description

Model No 5TY30
Machine weight 18kg
Dimension 630*325*265mm
Spindle Speed 2800r/min
Productivity 800-1000/h
Application Corn
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

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rice thresher

small electric maize corn thresher machine

5TY-30 corn threshing machine is a home use corn thresher.  Put dry maize after peeled in, then it will separate corn seeds from corn cob.

It can processing 2-3T maize per hour. Working efficiency much higher  than manual work.

Threshing rate is about 99%, farmers do not need thresh it again.

5TY-30 use a single phase 750w electric motor as power. Power consumption is very low.

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