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Pellet Mill Series

//Pellet Mill Series
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Project Description

Model No S-P120
Machine weight 94kg
Dimension 800*300*500mm
Spindle Speed 366r/min
Productivity 80-100kg/h
Application Animal feed
Engine Electric Motor (3kw,220V)

Diesel Engine(6hp)

Gasoline Engine(6hp)

Model No S-P150
Machine weight 105kg
Dimension 740*340*850mm
Spindle Speed 366r/min
Productivity 120-160kg/h
Application Animal feed
Engine Electric Motor (4kw,380V)

Diesel Engine(8hp)

Gasoline Engine(8hp)

Model No S-P200
Machine weight 165kg
Dimension 980*460*1000mm
Spindle Speed 366r/min
Productivity 200-300kg/h
Application Animal feed
Engine Electric Motor (7.5kw,380V)

Diesel Engine(15hp)

Gasoline Engine(15hp)

Model No S-P230
Machine weight 335kg
Dimension 800*300*500mm
Spindle Speed 366r/min
Productivity 350-450kg/h
Application Animal feed
Engine Electric Motor (15kw,380V)

Diesel Engine(30hp)

Gasoline Engine(30hp)

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rice thresher

Mini feed pellet press mill machine

pellet mill also know as pellet press, pellet machine.

It is a mill or machine use powder material (feed power, grain powder, wood dust, straw dust etc.) to create pellets.

Those pellets are made for animal feed or industrial use ,for example bio fuel.

Our pellet machine are all small-scale types, capacity from 100-1000kg/h, suitable for animal feed pellet making.

120 home use small pellet mill

Honest-120 pellet is a family use feed processing equipment, it turn feed powder to pellet.  120 model process 80-120kg pellet per hour.

150/200/250 commercial feed pellet mill plant

Those 3 model are suitable for industrial feed making, because they 3 phase, 380V industrial use electricity or high horsepower diesel engine.

How the pellet machine works?

Our pellet mill are all flat die pellet mill. The feed powder get into hopper of the mill, also to the top of the die. Then die rotates a roller presses the powder through the holes in the die. A cutter on the other side of the die cuts the exposed pellet free from the die.

During the processing period ,high pressure and temperature will make raw material ripe and give it special sweet smell for animals. Chewing taste of feed pellet also better than straw and normal feed powder. Besides the high temperature will kill general pathogenic microorganism and parasite.

Our pellet mill use transmission shaft connect power and machine. Comparing use belt and pulley,  it make the machine more powerful.

We provide several size of disc pore diameter (1.5-6mm), different size suitable for different animal. 1.5-2.5mm animal feed suitable for cub poultry, 3mm feed is for adult poultry, 4mm feed is for pig, feed size over 5mm is for livestock like cattle…

We also provide feed mill for fish.

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