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Paste Grinder

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Project Description

Model No 6FP180
Machine weight 22kg
Dimension 400*300*900mm
Spindle Speed 1600-1800r/min
Productivity 60-120kg/h
Application soybean etc.
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

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rice thresher

Soybean paste grinding machine

6FP180 is a grinding machine for flour and paste making.

It use discs milling grain, operator need adjust the distance of the two discs for a best grinding performance.

The best condition is to make the discs just touching each other.

This type grinder is widely applied to be a soybean paste grinding machine.

Putting soybean and water in then soybean paste will come out.

For avoiding it get rusty, operator should clean it after grinding paste.

It is small size and simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.

We provide other small farm use flour making machine.

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