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Project Description

Model No 3TG-40
Machine weight 58kg
Dimension 1560*500*900mm
Capability Tilling, fertilizing, ditching
Cutting Depth 10-20cm
Application Corn, Mung, Soybean etc.
Engine Gasoline Engine(5hp, 170F)

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rice thresher

Portable small power tiller mini cultivator

The 3TG-40 is one of our best-selling power tiller machine.

This tilling machine’s power is  diesel engine or gasoline engine.

3TG-40 cultivator machine has simple structure, convenient for operation and maintenance, and low fuel consumption.

This tiller machine is suitable for loose soil sand and weeding and so on. The rotary tillage knife is made of superior manganese steel sharper than normal one.

The tillage is very wide, the service life of the machine is very long.  Unique leaf iron wheel make it more stable in mud fields.

3TG-40  is not only a power tiller machine but also a seeder machine.

The machine can also be used in combination with other equipment, with pesticide spraying and seeding functions and so on

. At the same time, the use of our tilling machine has sharply reduced the need for farm labor.

The seeder suitable for seeds of wheat, corn, bean, peanut, sunflower, cotton etc.

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