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Oil Refining Machine

//Oil Refining Machine
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Project Description

Model No GLY500
Machine weight 750kg
Dimension 3840*900*2140mm
Productivity 1.5-3Ton/day
Parts Refining tank, Vacuum dehydration tank, Vacuum buffer tank, Decoloration tank, Water circling vacuum pump, oil pump

GLY500 Edible oil refining process machine for oil plant

GlY500 is a matching equipment for oil press machine, it help oil plant get commercial quality refined oil.

This oil refining machine is consists of refining tank, vacuum dehydration tank, decoloring tank, vacuum pump, oil pump, alkali mixing tank, measurement tank, electric cabinet, automatic temperature control system, vacuum dehydration, thermal insulation layer, feeding buffer set etc. It has functions of degumming, deacidification, drying and decolorization of the crude oil.

Refining process:

Crude oil(filtered)-degumming-deacidification-drying-decolorizing-refined oil

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