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H0N600 Rice Polisher

//H0N600 Rice Polisher

H0N600 rice polisher to make clean white rice:

  1. The principle of grain polishing machine

The materials with mildew, dust and insects on the surface enter the polishing chamber from the feed inlet. After polishing and grinding and the mutual friction between the materials, the impurities on the surface fall off into the treatment chamber. The impurities enter the treatment chamber through the screen and float. The ash is discharged by a centrifugal fan, and large particles of impurities are discharged through the material port under the processing bin. The grain after polishing is crystal clear and as bright as new.

  1. The purpose of grain polishing machine

Rice polishing machine is also called grain polishing machine. It is suitable for seed processing and agricultural and sideline product processing industries. Beans, wheat,rice and other food crops and nuts have a good polishing effect, especially for legumes and grains that have been cleaned. The rice flour in the rice, the dust on the crops and even the mold spots on the soybean and corn surface can be polished with a grain polishing machine. The grain processed by this machine has a brighter color and better appearance.

  1. The machine has the advantages of reasonable design, convenient movement, stable performance, high production efficiency, low crushing rate, easy operation and exquisite appearance. All grain polishing machines of our company use high-quality materials: The motor is a full copper wire motor, 1mm galvanized screen, and the shaft is made of seamless steel pipe. The high-quality design and high-standard quality requirements greatly improve the performance of this machine and bring the customer higher efficiency.

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