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How To Choose Rice Mill Machine

//How To Choose Rice Mill Machine

How To Choose Rice Mill Machine

Ⅰ Understand

First, according to its own economic level, processing capacity (how much material needs to be processed every day), locate the type and hourly output of the rice mill products that you want to purchase, and select the appropriate type and model;

Secondly, according to the amount of materials processed per day, power consumption, and working hours for analysis.

The third, to understand the manufacturer scale and capability, the price of the product, the service life and material of the key parts such as rice rolls and rice sieves, performance indicators,  three guarantees and after-sales service of the products.

Ⅱ Observation and comparison

When you purchase products, please not only care the price or the promotion of the distributors, but try to choose the products of the regular company with larger production scale.

① Whether the safety warning sign of the product is complete, and whether the factory inspection certificate is attached to the product;

② Read the instruction manual for detailed installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, simple fault repair, safety precautions, etc.,

Ⅲ Inspection and test machine

①When purchasing, check  the overall appearance of the product is intact, and  the surface of the exposed casting is smooth and free of blisters; Whether there is a warning sign on the dangerous part;  Whether the adjustment of the separator, feeding device, etc. is flexible.

② turn the pulley by hand to feel whether the machine is running flexibly, without jamming or abnormal friction sound;

③ open the upper end cover of the machine to check the surface of the rice milling roller and the rice milling machine has been processed; whether the rice knife adjustment is flexible and convenient;

④ if possible, the power source should be installed on site, the machine should be operated, the machine sound should be checked evenly, the vibration of the machine body should be severe, and the load test should be carried out under conditions to evaluate the actual processing effect;

⑤ to check  the accessories and related materials and certificates in the package are complete, and fill in the three-pack certificate.

After purchase, consumers should complete the installation and commissioning work and perform actual processing in a short period of time after carefully reading and understanding the product manual.

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