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Farm stone Tools Are Disappearing

//Farm stone Tools Are Disappearing

The smoke curling up in the countryside.

The mechanization of the processing industry makes the chili pepper instantly change to the red chili sauce.

As the progress of society, machinery develops rapidly.

The chili grinding mill, the flour grinder and so on enter the family. Gradually, the idle stone mill, kiln, stone roller and so on become to the history.

Stone mill is the main tool that crushed grain in the past, and has left us for decades. Some are still sitting in front of the door, and some are in the yard for dinner tables or CARDS.

The children asked the old man, “is this the wheel of the primitive society?”

The old man smiled and said, “it’s no use now. This is the mill of people in those years. If we didn’t have it, we can only cook and eat unprocessed food grains.”

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