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Gasoline Corn sheller machine

//Gasoline Corn sheller machine

At first all corn sheller we provide is equipped with a 2.2 kw electric motor.

It is popular in domestic market because of the high efficient performance of shelling.

But we found customers always want a portable sheller machine, since we come into international market.

Electric line make it impossible to move this corn shelling machine to corn field.

We have to invent a internal-combustion engine type machine so it can be move to anywhere of maize fields.

We tried change our machine frame and install a diesel engine on the machine.

3-5 hp diesel engine is powerful enough for this machine.

But it have a big weakness, it shakes too much while engine running.

The shaking of machine have bad influence on shelling job.

Then we have to improve our machine, low vibration of gasoline engine turn to be a best solution of making corn sheller machine portable.

Without worrying about the power, farmer can shell corn in their field now.

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