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Highly efficient chaff cutter

//Highly efficient chaff cutter

Here let me introduce you our one of the new type machines which is chaff cutter.

In our factory, there are three models of this machine but our best sellers are the model 9ZT-1.2 and 9ZT-0.6.

The difference of these two machines is the quantity of the cutting blades.

There are 6 cutting blades in the model 9ZT-1.2 and there are 4 cutting blades in the model 9ZT-0.6.

This machine can cut leaves, any straws like corn straw, sugarcane straw, etc.

If you have a farm with livestock inside then it is very good and a must for you to get one of the chaff cutter.

It can help you a lot to make the feed for your animals.

Of course, you can also adjust the length of the cutting pieces.

It is very time-saving and efficient!

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