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Home use 9FC21 Flour grinder

//Home use 9FC21 Flour grinder

9FC21 is a popular home use grain grinder machine. It is widely used to mill corn, wheat, bean, chili etc.

The crusher inside is consisted of Iron teeth and claws.

Raw material like maize kernel will be grind into very small granular and fine powder by high speed crusher.

The fine powder will get through the iron screen while small granular keep being crushed until it become the fine powder.

Structure of this grinder machine is simple.

Maintaining and cleaning are very easy.

Every machine we equip one set spare parts for replacement.

Model No 9FC21
Machine weight 60kg
Dimension 650*450*1050mm
Productivity 150-200kg/h
Application Corn, wheat, cereal, pepper, herb, etc.
Engine Electric Motor (2.2kw,220V)

Gasoline Engine(5hp)









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