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Honest 120 Mini pellet machine

//Honest 120 Mini pellet machine

For Home use, Lab or Small Workshop is all ok.

If you are interested in producing pellets on a small scale, the Mini Pellet Mill HONEST 120 is the most advanced small pellet mill on the market.

Though small in size the HONEST120 Mini Pellet Mill has features seen only previously on professional huge scale professional pellet mills.

They can be used for animals’ feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed, pig feed and so on.

The capacity is 60-100kg/h, and it can work with 3kw,3 phase motor.

The machine’s spindle speed is 1400r/min. The pellet size can be customized 2-12mm.

The machine has four wheels at the bottom.

They make the machine move easily. The moisture of powders should be about 13%.

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