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How to properly use maize thresher machine

//How to properly use maize thresher machine

Corns must be dried before threshing.

After the maize threshing machine running normally, lay the dried corns at oblique feed hopper piece by piece.

When the corn scroll to the space among roller, threshing board and blade, motor brings roller to push and rub and thresh the rice.

If necessary, operator can stop the machine and adjust the two bearing supports forward/backward to best fix position.

While the maize threshing machine is running, do not put hand into feed hopper or dig or push corn directly by hand.

In order to achieve a faster, higher and safer threshing efficiency, operator can prepare a fresh bamboo culm or small branch at length approx. 0.5m and diameter approx. 0.03m with no scab on both sides to dig or push the corns.

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