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Pellet machine for fish feed

//Pellet machine for fish feed

As we all know, the pellet machine can make pellets, but why can the pellets float up the water?

Our pellet machine S-PH58 is the one that can make fish feed and other extruded feed.

In the extrusion process, the materials are through a high temperature, high humidity and high-pressure cooking conditions.

In this process, physical and chemical properties of the materials change strongly, and the materials extrusion in the hole at the moment.

As the pressure suddenly dropped from high pressure to 100kPa, feed water immediately converted from liquid to gaseous distribution from the feed, so the materials puffed, the formation of puffed feed.

The starch in this feed has a high degree of gelatinization and the protein is more digestible, which improves the feed utilization rate of the animal.

It has excellent flotation and is convenient for observing fish feeding conditions and can control water pollution to the maximum extent.

That’s the reason the pellets float up the water.

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