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SB rice mill machine Adopt advanced technology

//SB rice mill machine Adopt advanced technology

The structure of traditional rice milling machine determines that the white chamber of rice milling machine has large ventilation resistance and small air flow, so it is difficult to suppress the rice breaking caused by the rise of temperature in the rice milling process.

It is an effective method to reduce broken rice by low temperature milling and inhibiting the rise of rice temperature.

The larger the volume of the milling chamber, the larger the fluid air gap (gap between grains).Due to similar m machine save gas (sand roller screen and m distance) is the same, so the white rice machine for the unit output movement area, the greater the grain fluid air gap is, the greater the grain of windage area increases, the ventilation resistance is reduced, can increase through grinding grain of rice white room air volume of fluid and take more grind cutting, friction heat, can significantly inhibit the rise of temperature.

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