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When flour mill machine blocked, how to fix it?

//When flour mill machine blocked, how to fix it?

Some customers were the first time to purchase our flour mill machines.

When machines were blocked, they don’t know how to fix them.

There are some tips for your reference.
(1) Too fast feed rate and load increasing will cause blockage.

In the feeding, you should always pay attention to ammeter pointer deflection angle.

If it’s more than the rated current, it indicates that the motor overload.

Overload for a long time will damage the motor.

When this happens, the feed door should be immediately reduced or closed.
(2) Poor discharge pipe or too fast blocked feed will make the flour mill outlet plugging.

Conveying equipment matched improperly will cause the discharge pipe wind weakened or no wind after the block.

After the fault is found, adjust the amount of feed into the equipment to make the normal operation.

(3) Hammer pieces, aging, sieve hole closed, tattered, crushed material moisture content will make flour mill blockage.

You are supposed to regularly change severely aged hammer to keep the grinder good working condition, and regularly check the sieve, which will not only improve production efficiency, but also make flour mill not blocked, and enhance the reliability of the grinder work.

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