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Who need a grain milling machine

//Who need a grain milling machine

Almost every honest customer thinks that our grain mill is a useful equipment in agriculture.

But not everyone knows all the requirements of our factory.

9FC21 corn grinder machine is widely used in grain processing, such as corn, soybean, rice, wheat, pepper, cassava and so on.

It’s easy to know that the farmer needs the machine.

But it can also grind dehydrated dried meat and vegetables.

One of our customers bought a grain mill to process dog food.

It can also grind hay and straw, and then some customers can use granular machines to make biofuels for fireplaces.

Dry fish can also be ground, and fish meal can be used as livestock feed.

In addition, hay always needs grinding, and this machine can do the job if the customer can’t afford an expensive stainless steel pharmaceutical factory.

In the food industry, it is widely used in starch processing of sweet potatoes or potatoes.

Hope you can find out if it is a useful device for you!

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