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YSLC500B fuel filter

//YSLC500B fuel filter

Centrifugal oil filter, it is the use of its high-speed rotation from the heart, so that the degree of pollution of different lubricating oil, water, impurities by the effect of different centrifugal force and rapid separation.

fuel filter

Centrifugal oil filter is suitable for power plants, ships, large machinery equipment lubricating oil, heavy diesel oil and edible rapeseed oil, tea oil, peanut oil and other purification treatment. When used for turbine oil treatment in power plant, the random operation of the bypass connected to the main oil tank of the steam turbine can filter the moisture and impurities in time, which will play a positive role in improving the oil quality, slowing down the aging speed of oil, and ensuring the safe operation of the steam turbine and the purity of edible oil.

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