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How we peel the paddy

//How we peel the paddy

In the ancient time, people used the rice husking tool to peel the rice.

You can see the following picture.

They dig a hole on the ground and put the paddy into the hole, one person trod one of the end of the wood, then using the level principle, the heavy end will crash the paddy in the hole.

The efficiency was very low.

I clearly remember when I was a kid how people peeled the paddy.

My grandmother always brought the paddy to very far away store to peel the paddy and then take back the rice which was very heavy.

But with the development of technique, the small rice milling machine came out.

It can process more than 160kg paddy per hour. Farmers can get the clean and white rice at home.

It really relieve people’s burdan a lot.

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